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Introducing Beers of the World | My Journey

Credit: Business Insider

Credit: Business Insider

Like many I enjoy an amber ale, a frothy, a tall and frosty, a beer. Whether I've earned it or not. Travelling the world really opened my eyes to sheer amount of beer out there. I'm not saying I'm a VB man through and through as the graphic above may imply. I do know my way around a hoppy I.P.A and a dry lager. Just the sheer number of brands and beer styles out there astonishes me.

"I do know my way around a hoppy I.P.A and a dry lager"

I recently travelled through South East Asia and every city we arrived in had it's own beer label. The mass produced ones to be fair, all tasted remotely the same. Pale style, slightly metallic with little head. Great for slamming it down fast in the scorching heat. We did find some gems though.

Credit:  @stephencerecia

This year I'm going to take you through my beer journey throughout the world. Looking back on some beers I've enjoyed overseas previously as well locally now and abroad later in the year.

Stay Tuned for some frosty goodness and let me know whats your favourite beer to drink while travelling! There's not much left to be said... 

Time to wet the whistle
— Russel Coight

The first beer to be reviewed will be Hanoi Beer

Stay tuned for the Hanoi Beer review

Stay tuned for the Hanoi Beer review